Hiscox Fundraising Drive for Work of Honor Fund

The Chesapeake, Virginia office of Hiscox Inc. conducted an internal fundraising drive for the Word of Honor Fund in February. We were overwhelmed with their enthusiasm and commitment to the fund and their desire to do more.

The following was written by Kevin Kerridge, the Director of Small Business Insurance for Hiscox in the USA.

Sometimes in life you come across people or organizations that have qualities or characteristics that resonate with you. The Word of Honor Fund is an example of this. As soon as I read about it I felt an immediate connection and knew that my team and the Hiscox organization would feel the same.

I’ve spent almost two decades working at Hiscox and I am most proud of the fact that as we grew from a small business to a big one, we managed to retain those values in our DNA that made us great from the start ~ courage, integrity, excellence in execution, respect and quality. It is these values that underpinned our immediate attraction to the Word of Honor Fund. The SEAL community they support put their lives on the line for their country and as they do so, demonstrate the values we hold so dear at Hiscox.

In Chesapeake, Virginia, a team of 40 (and growing), service our US clients. We were keen to support a local charity that fulfilled three key criteria. First, it had to be an irresistible cause. Second, it had to be something that REALLY meant something to our staff with the opportunity for us to get involved rather than just writing checks. Third, it had to be a cause that was a great fit for the Hiscox values. The Word of Honor Fund fulfilled all three criteria perfectly.

We started our support in February with an internal program of fundraising where we agreed to donate funds based on how well our Chesapeake team did against their business targets. I have to say that the passion and energy of the Hiscox team in Chesapeake needs no fuel but it was clear that the extra bonus of a donation to such a great cause gave February a little extra edge. Because of the success of this project, we are now working with the WOHF to see what else we can do, both in terms of fundraising and in using the Hiscox reach as a megaphone to spread the word and encourage others to support them.

If you’re reading this and are thinking about getting involved, I’d urge you to not think twice. Dig deep and go for it.

With our sincere gratitude to you, Kevin, and to the Hiscox Chesapeake team,

The Word of Honor Fund


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