Running For A Life-Long Friend – The Chicago marathon

Leigh is a life-long runner having completed numerous marathons. So how do you keep motivated through all those countless mornings of putting one foot in front of the other? You think of a life-long friend.

Chicago marathon is one of the largest in the country. The course winds its way through downtown, close to the lake and through 29 neighborhoods with 1.7 million spectators cheering on the each runner.

Almost a fourth of the 40,000 runners run for a cause, raising much needed funds for charity. It’s nearly impossible to complete the 26.2 miles without noticing the runners representing their chosen charities.

Leigh, a Chicago marathon veteran, decided running for a cause would be a fantastic way to keep motivated during the months of endless miles leading up to race day. The only challenge was finding a charity with a personal connection. Leigh set his sights on the Word of Honor Fund, after remembering a lifelong friend in the special forces. With his friend and his family in mind, Leigh has been training hard for the October 13 race.

If you would like to help Leigh and his quest for the finish line you can make a donation in his name to the Word of Honor Fund. Send checks to:

PO Box 777
Bellevue, ID 83313
Or visit our Donate page.

Our Mission Statement

Word of Honor Fund provides a continuum of support that facilitates milestone events for the surviving children of SEALs and Special Operations personnel who die while assigned to a select Naval Special Operations Group.

Our word is our bond and it is the purest form of trust. The most sacred of all is a father's promise to his children. Word of Honor is committed to fulfilling the intentions of our fallen heroes by ensuring his children experience life as he had planned before his sacrifice. His untimely passing challenges his promise.

Who will honor his word? We will...

Make a Donation

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To donate by CHECK: Please make your check payable to Word of Honor Fund and send to P.O. Box 777, Bellevue, Idaho 83313.

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